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Come home to Americaís first church...

Our Mission

St. Johnís Anglican Church is an authentic Anglican expression of the Catholic Faith seeking to glorify God through reverent worship, biblical teaching, and sacramental life so that we, through His Grace, are enabled to affirm Our Lordís Great Commission through a positive presence of faithful witness and true godliness in our community.

A Note from the Bishop...

Greetings in the Name of Our Lord Jesus Christ,

We welcome you to the online presence of St. Johnís Cathedral. This is the house of God and the gate of heaven. We wish you every joy in our Lord, who is always present when we gather. Our Cathedral was founded in 1837 and is now a member of the Anglican Church in America, the American jurisdiction of international Traditional Anglican Communion. As the Cathedral of the Diocese of the Missouri Valley, we still offer a traditional message and orthodox worship. As Traditional Anglicans we have inherited the faith of the undivided Catholic Church, once practiced on the British Isles; together with the male only Apostolic Orders of Bishop, Priest and Deacon in succession from the Apostles of our Lord; and the discipline and the moral standards of the historic Catholic Faith as revealed in the Bible. Indeed, we still believe our Bibles, and practice Christís love every day. To us our faith in Jesus Christ defines who we are, ordering all that we do. Traditional Anglican Christianity is as old as the Faith itself, yet relevant as todayís news. It is a reverent mix of traditional liturgy and practical Biblical principles in a loving community of faithful Christians. This parish is open to all who seek our Lordís holy companionship. Here may those who sorrow find comfort, the weary find rest, the saddened find joy, the stranger find friends, the troubled find peace, and above all may every one of us find at work in our daily endeavors a lasting sense of Godís Divine presence and unconditional love. We hope that you will visit St. John's Cathedral as it would be a great blessing to get to know you and tell you more about our parish. When you do visit, we invite you to join us in the Parish Hall after the service for refreshments and fellowship. Please sign our visitors book and/or complete a visitor card and place it in the offering plate.

If you are seeking a Church home, we invite you to join our parish family here at St. Johnís.

- Bishop Stephen Strawn, Rector

Note: We are not affiliated with the Episcopal Church or the Canterbury Communion.

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