The delegates of the General Synod of the Anglican Church in America (ACA) meeting in Atlanta, Georgia, have, by unanimous vote, ratified the amendments to the concordat of the Traditional Anglican Communion (TAC) proposed by the College of Bishops when they met in Calgary, Alberta Canada last June (2019). Once ratified by all national churches of the TAC, these amendments will, in effect, change the TAC from a communion of national churches to that of one global church. 

Part of the One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church (in the Anglican tradition), the name of the Traditional Anglican Communion will change to the Traditional Anglican Church. Once fully ratified, all TAC national churches, including the ACA, will become a province in this one global church. The initial provinces of the Traditional Anglican Church will include the current national churches of the TAC: The Anglican Catholic Church in Australia; The Anglican Catholic Church of Canada; The Anglican Church in America; The Anglican Church of India; The Province of the Anglican Church in Latin America; The Province of Africa  (TAC), The Church of Ireland (Traditional Rite); The Traditional Anglican Church in Britain; and The Church of Torres Strait. The ACA becomes the fourth of the eight national churches of the TAC to ratify the amendments following ratification by the Anglican Catholic Church of Canada, the Anglican Church in Latin America, and the Traditional Anglican Church in Britain. The four remaining national churches will consider the amendments at their next General or National Synod. 

The TAC Primate will oversee the global church, together with a General Synod a House of Bishops, a House of Clergy, and a House of Laity, representing each diocese within the TAC. The Canons and Constitution of the various provinces will not change or otherwise be effected by this action. The change to a global church expands the efforts of the TAC to seek unity with other similar traditional church bodies.  This is also inclusive of our efforts to continue the strengthening of the communio in sacras relationship with the G4 jurisdictions which includes the Anglican Church in America, the Anglican Catholic Church, Anglican Province of America, and Diocese of the Holy Cross.