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St. John's has installed a columbarium to memorialize members of the Cathedral and to inter their cremated remains. We have created our Columbarium in the same caring spirit in which churches have provided cemeteries for traditional burials. Our Columbarium provides single niches for the placement of the cremated remains of our loved ones. The columbarium is available for members and former members of St. John's Cathedral, Quincy, IL., their spouses, children, parents, step-children, step-parents; and Clergy who have served our Parish and their parents.

The columbarium is installed in a small chapel, the All Souls Chapel, where Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer are said every day. The Holy Eucharist is also celebrated in the All Souls Chapel on occasions when attendance of less than eight is expected. On days when more than eight are expected, a larger chapel (St. Mary's Chapel) is utilized.