At St. John's coming to the Eucharist is only the beginning. There are numerous opportunities to get to know each other and to enjoy Christian fellowship.

A Fellowship Hour is held every Sunday morning following each worship service.

Our Monthly Agape Meal is held on the 2nd Sunday of each month following the 10 a.m. Mass. The meal is "pot luck," so join us after Mass for good food and fellowship.

Parish Family Game Night is on the 4th Friday evening each month. We bring food to share and enjoy an evening of fellowship and fun! This is a great opportunity for an inexpensive evening out.

Men's Chillax (Resumes in September): In the Oxford Dictionary “chillax” is defined as an informal way to “calm down or unwind” and to relax. Of course, the term “men’s” speaks for itself. So “Men’s Chillax” will be just that, a “gathering” of men that will meet here at the Cathedral each Thursday to simply unwind and relax with food, drink, prayer and fellowship. Men of the Cathedral are not only encouraged to come each Thursday, but to bring their friends. Hopefully, this allows us to develop a relationship with those friends.

Anglican Women's Fellowship: The Anglican Women's Fellowship consists of all women of St. John's. The women meet periodically for lunch and fellowship as well as to plan future ministries. Currently the AWF provides ministry with the parish through St. Martha's Guild and St. Nicholas' Guild. The AWF outreach ministry is chiefly through St. Jude's Guild.

St. Nicholas' Guild: A ministry providing emergency child care to parishioners of St. John's.

St. Martha's Guild: A ministry making provision for food in crisis situations.

St. Jude's Guild: A ministry of the Anglican Woman's Fellowship to Quanada, which is an agency that provides services and shelter to victims of family violence.